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Use listeners instead

While thunks definitely work, it's recommended to use the newer listeners plugin instead. Listeners support everything thunks do and more. Plus they are integrated directly into kea.

Thunks are simple ways to define side effects in Kea. They use redux-thunk under the hood.


First install the kea-thunk and redux-thunk packages:

# if you're using yarn
yarn add kea-thunk redux-thunk
# if you're using npm
npm install --save kea-thunk redux-thunk

Then install the plugin:

import thunkPlugin from 'kea-thunk'
import { resetContext } from 'kea'
plugins: [thunkPlugin]


You define thunks in a block called thunks. Whatever you define there can be called through logic.actions, for example in the useActions hook or directly inside the logic:

Here is an example of thunks in action:

const delay = (ms) => new Promise((resolve) => window.setTimeout(resolve, ms))
const logic = kea({
actions: {
updateName: (name) => ({ name }),
thunks: ({ actions, dispatch, getState }) => ({
// can be called with actions.updateNameAsync(name)
updateNameAsync: async (name) => {
await delay(1000) // standard promise
await actions.anotherThunk() // another thunk action
actions.updateName(name) // not a thunk, so no async needed
dispatch({ type: 'RANDOM_REDUX_ACTION' }) // random redux action
console.log( // 'chirpy'
console.log(values.otherKey) // undefined
// can be called with actions.anotherThunk()
anotherThunk: async () => {
// do something
reducers: {
name: ['chirpy', {
updateName: (state, payload) =>,

As you can see, you have access to the standard Redux dispatch and getState methods. However you don't need to call dispatch before any action in the actions object. They are wrapped automatically.

Note about autoConnect#

The current thunk plugin (v1.0.0) does not support autoConnect. That means if you want to call otherLogic.actions.something() inside a thunk, you must first make sure otherLogic is connected to your logic:

import { otherLogic } from './otherLogic'
const logic = kea({
connect: [otherLogic],
thunks: ({ actions, dispatch, getState }) => ({
updateNameAsync: async (name) => {