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Random Gists

Here are some funny and/or interesting gists that showcase random things you can do with Kea.

They are very rough pieces of code and should be turned into real projects. Any volunteers?

I don't have time for everything, sorry :).

Kea GraphQL#

An early draft of a GraphQL client. I built it as an experiment, but left the project before I could turn it into a real plugin.

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Kea DevTools#

A very raw version of devtools. It just shows all mounted logic and their actions and values. It needs support for 1) calling actions, 2) showing data in a meaningful way, 3) showing the connections between logic as a map, 4) showing the relationship between logic and react components

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More Gists Welcome!#

Built something fun, cool or noteworthy, yet not enough commitment to support a plugin? Edit this page and send a PR with your gist!